Testimonial 1

 Hi there, I just got done with your book and WOW Kelly it's  heart-breaking and raw yet incredibly beautiful and SO powerful and  inspiring. Thank you for sharing your testimony, I'm so proud of you,  your strength and unwavering faith. It makes me want to continue to  strengthen my relationship with God and I know it will inspire so many people to do the same. 

Testimonial 2

 This was a great read and such an inspiring book. Kelly Jones has  conquered so much in life that not everyone knew and shows us that GOD is  good and we can get through anything no matter how hard it is. Just Always Believe and Never Give Up!!!! I know everyone is proud of you Kelly and Robyn is looking down watching over you. Congratulations on the book!!! 

Testimonial 3

 I just finished your book. I cried, I laughed, and most importantly I  saw part of my life in this book.  I loved reading it and couldn't put  it down. You are an amazing woman of God. You need to run for mayor, you  got my vote!